Lot - Services

 Lawn care, Strimming. Tree clearance and pruning. Hedge trimming. Pool maintenance Security fencing and AFNOR approved security covers, Paving and Decking

           General maintenance and grounds care , Mini digger work/Landscaping. House maintenance and improvements    

                     Accredited “Service à la Personne” giving 50% Crédit Impot  on invoices for those declared resident in France

Insured French registered business;

SAP 478079627

Siren No: 4787962700012

                                  Swimming Pool Security. French Law on swimming pool security is enforced by a 45.000 €  fine for                  non  compliance, all below ground swimming pools in France  must have AFNOR approved security. 

Afnor approved Removable security fencing

Afnor approved Loop Loc swimming pool covers

Mobile Hairdresser

Toni & Guy diplômé

City and Gulds

More than 20 years experience

Reductions for group bookings   

Coiffeuse à Domicile

Coiffeuse Anglaise, former à Coiff Attitude, Figeac

 Toni & Guy deplomé

Plus de 20 ans d’experience

Partner services

Pool security

 All aspects of House, garden & pool maintenance

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                   Siren 78978428700011                                   


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